— design for the millennial's home office

Work in the Millennial's home office is:



California Mod Color Palette


People prefer to work in bed, while they eat, and/or with others. Furniture for the home (office) needs to cater to these scenarios so that the user can work comfortably and longer, on their own terms.

Social Configuration, shown above: The set can be pulled into a casual living room set allowing a seamless transition between work and play, or work and meetings.

Collaborative Configuration, shown above: Users sit side by side and swing the table between them.

Full Lounge, right: User can stretch out after working for an hour or two and re-configure their posture, sitting belly up or working on their lap.


The smaller seat becomes the primary work surface or headrest.

Upright, below: Work posture is upright, for task
oriented or short use. The side table becomes the primary surface for typing, writing, reading or a cup of coffee.


The long daybed underneath peaks out less on one side to host small items like phones, keys and notes.